Important question

okay so I have to go to work in like 2 minutes BUT

I have a very important question for any of you who know even a little about computers

My computer is a piece of crap and breaks more every day. Both he touchpad and battery are shot, the fans don’t work right and cause it to overheat daily, it’s slow as hell, and most horrible of all, it’s an HP laptop. I really want to replace it with a good computer, but I need it to be good enough to not only play games, but also and especially for art and 3D rendering and modeling, since I plan to start learning blender and such. (And since it’s, you know, my passion.)

BUT I know jack-all about computers. Absolutely nothing. I have no idea what to look for. I can’t tell a good computer from a piece of garbage.

SO. question is: What are some laptop recommendations for a 2D and 3D artist and gamer?

(laptop definitely, PC preferred over mac, and PREFERABLY under 1500 dollars. I know I’m not gonna get the best laptop in the world, but if it’ll WORK I’ll be happy.)

question marks for tumblr: ????

A L L   H A I L   T H E   Q U E E N

Fun fact: This started as a silly doodle that was intended to include a pokemon joke but she came out so pretty I had to take it more seriously

MAN backgrounds are hard I tell ya what

View it in full size for koala tee

oh goodness your art is too lovely I love it so so much

imageomg thank you anon I love YOU so so much

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this thing that I do on this blog. Now that I’ve hit over 150 followers I think the time has come

holy frick frack

Church’s aesthetic is somewhere between “disheveled director” and “stylish dad.”

Hi there! I love your art blog. Found you via that Penny doodle and I really fell in love with the style. Do you ever do physical art mediums?

Oh my gosh thank you!! That means a lot to me <3

I do! I have a sketchpad that I doodle in all the time, and I also enjoy painting, though admittedly I don’t do it very much. I first did it in art school about 9 months ago I think?? I haven’t had the money for canvas or paint since then though so it’s been a while. here’s a quick crappy photo of three of them: (they’re a little too big to fit in a scanner and a little too old and erroneous to post with detail)


I went from about 70 followers to 133 in just a few weeks. This is staggering. Thank you everyone, please enjoy your stay 

Ruby… I’m not… a real girl…

"Whoa, Pretzel did a background that wasn’t an abstract array of colors? Who are you where are you keeping the real pretzel"

My favorite robot! And what the heck is a light source